Dairy Farm Income Enhancement Proposals

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Proposal title Submitted by Organization Comments  
A Quick Fix Makuch, Maxwell 7 comments   Add comment
Dairy Cooperative Collaborative Severy, Nathaniel Severy Farm 5 comments   Add comment
Dairy Crisis Short Term Intervention Proposals Bravo, Melissa Meadow Lake Farm Consulting Services No comments   Add comment
Dairy Department Director Rach, Bradly National Farmers Organization 4 comments   Add comment
Dairy Industry Framework for Self-Regulation Olson, Thomas 7 comments   Add comment
Dairy Price Restructuring Sperry, Mark NA 1 comment   Add comment
Dairy Price Stabilization Act O'Connor, Kara Wisconsin Farmers Union 7 comments   Add comment
Dairy Price Stabilization and Herd Population Management Felsch, Douglas United Dairymen and Service Groups 2 comments   Add comment
Dairy Price Stabilization Program - HAUSA Meyer, John Holstein Assoc. USA, Inc. No comments   Add comment
Direct Base Plan Wellington, Robert Agri-Mark 4 comments   Add comment
Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act Tewksbury, Arden National Family Farm Coalition Dairy Committee 4 comments   Add comment
Helping Ourselves by Helping Others Olson, Thomas Dairy Pricing Association 1 comment   Add comment
Hiring Northeastern Farmer to Grow Deep-Topsoil Watersheds Collins, Abe LandStream 2 comments   Add comment
Larkin Farm Proposal Larkin, James Larkin Farm 4 comments   Add comment
Make Our Co-ops Great Again Eby, Mike National Dairy Producers Organization 1 comment   Add comment
Margin Protection Idea Juengel, Peter Corner Oak Farm No comments   Add comment
NFFC Proposal Dorry, Niaz National Family Farm Coalition 1 comment   Add comment
No Cheaters...Farmer's Success Plan Ames, David No comments   Add comment
NYS Quality Milk Premium Jenne, Addie Member of NYS Assembly 2 comments   Add comment
Rainville-Paret Plan: A supply management proposal to address the dairy crisis and oversupply of milk Jacques Rainville & Phil Parent, Jacques Rainville & Phil Parent dairy farmer and former dairy farmer 1 comment   Add comment
Ration-all Milk Pricing Stugart, Harry Ration-allDecisions 2 comments   Add comment
Stratified Farm Milk Pricing 2018 Wellington, Robert Agri-Mark 1 comment   Add comment
Supply Control Violates Capper-Volstead Maroney, James 2 comments   Add comment
Sustainable Milk Inventory System Act McAfee, Mark California Dairy Campaign & CA Farmers Union 10 comments   Add comment
TESTIMONY OF PRO-AG ARDEN TEWKSBURY Tewksbury, Arden Progressive Agriculture Organization 4 comments   Add comment
Whole Milk Act Tewksbury, Arden National Family Farm Coalition Dairy Committee 9 comments   Add comment